It needs to be more regular

I’m rubbish at Twitter, now.

In a previous incarnation, I Tweeted several times a week. Granted, it wasn’t the least bit interesting, but at least it was regular. That’s the thing with social media: It needs to be regular.

Back in the day (we’re talking 15 years ago) my life was very different. I had time to spend on social media, I blogged twice a week, sometimes more. I posted on Facebook a lot, probably too much. I was interested in others, but I was more interested in ‘talking’ to the world. As I say, my life was very different. Not necessarily in a good or bad way, just different.

Now, working full time as a mental health nurse, I have a distinct lack of time to spend on social media. I still do it, but I’m not sure I have the same energy for it, when I do it, as I did. Perhaps a different type of energy: a more focussed energy.

At the start of the first lock down, I discovered TikTok. Sweet Jesus, what a waste of time. I could waste an hour-long break at work scrolling through that. Admittedly, I would probably have learnt a new halloumi recipe, mastered the latest lock down dance craze or been shown how to pour resin into a spherical mould(?), but it felt like a terrible waste of time. About two months ago, I saw the light and deleted it from my phone. It’s amazing how much time it’s freed up!

I’ve also found I look at Facebook less, now. It’s not because I’m not interested in what’s going on in my friend’s lives, but because I’m MORE interested in my own life. I still post and comment but after what has been a ridiculously busy year, I feel it’s time to concentrate more on me and what’s going on in my life: my writing is something I am passionate about and I’ve found that looking outside so much (ie. social media) takes me away from looking inside (ie. being creative).

Not that there is anything inherently wrong with social media, I enjoy posting things, using FB, Twitter and Instagram, and readers like regularity. But ‘regular’ doesn’t have to mean ‘a couple of hours a day’… even if I can now construct a rocket from a plastic bottle, wrap an unusually-shaped present perfectly and perform ‘Dance Monkey’ on upturned tuna tins.


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