Richard is not happy. He has no friends, his colleagues make jokes at his expense and he lives next door to the original ‘neighbours from hell’. Eight years ago, his wife left him for his best friend. Now it’s time for Richard to have some fun. He joins an online dating site and takes great interest in the details of two women, so contacts both with a view to eventually settling down with one of them: one has money, one has beauty.

On her forty-ninth birthday, Alice realises she’s done nothing with her life except look after her miserable, bullying grandmother. Terrified of turning fifty and being single, she joins a dating site in the hope that Mr Right is out there. Perhaps, once she’s found him, he’ll provide her with all the niceties her sister enjoys; a glamorous job, a sought after address, financial security and, most importantly of all, children.
Alice meets Richard and falls head-over-heels in love. But Richard doesn’t want Alice.

At first glance, Sarah has it all. She’s young at heart, attractive and has a job she loves. But she’s lonely. Having been hurt in the past, she’s wary of getting involved in another serious relationship. On a whim, for a bit of no-strings fun, she joins a dating site and meets Richard. Immediately repulsed by him, Sarah finds someone else, but Richard won’t let go

Sarah meets the man she knows is bad for her but he is everything she wants. Or everything she thinks she wants.

How long will it take her to realise the truth?