What’s in my… handbag?

This is my handbag. It’s a lovely handbag. Well, if you like handbags, it’s a lovely handbag. It’s lovely, but it’s quite small. And therein lies the problem.

For work, I use a backpack. It’s enormous. I can fit a small bungalow in my work bag. Why do I take so many things to work? I don’t know. I just do. You never know when your phone will need charging, when you’ll need to replace your pen with one of the hundred in your pencil case or when you’ll need to randomly comb your hair, use some perfume or write in your diary. You get the idea.

But out of work, I don’t carry much. And what I do carry, I keep organised.

Not many people have seen inside my handbag.

Ready to have a look?

Other than the usual notebook, pen, hand cream, lip salve, glasses, keys and purse, my handbag is full of tiny, pretty, zipped, silk ‘purses’ that I keep things in: paracetamol, hair ties, rubber gloves, mask, glasses cleaner wipes, atomiser with my favourite perfume inside and tissues. These things always clog up my handbags and rummaging through for my keys, for example, get annoying. My solution to this is to keep everything separated and tidy.

When you look at it from above, with a view to finding something, it looks pretty and neat and that can only be a good thing, right?

Who doesn’t want a nice, neat, tidy handbag? Who?!

Well, me, sometimes. The trouble with having everything neat and put-away is that you can’t bloody well see anything unless you open the little bags. So although it looks nice, I can’t access anything quickly enough to make a difference. I might not have to rummage through tissues, gloves and tablets, but I DO have to unzip bloody everything as it’s sod’s law that I will never find anything with the first bag I unzip.


          But at least it looks tidy!





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