How to choose your last, ever, meal…

Firstly, the rules:

  1. Don’t worry about your waist line – for whatever reason (you’ll be shot at dawn for stealing a pig?), it’s your last meal. No one will see you tomorrow, let’s be honest, so if you have to keep the top button on your jeans undone, then so be it.
  2. Don’t worry if you get heart burn – if you do, it’ll be the last time you get it. Your last EVER meal has got to be worth it, right? Maybe grab some Rennies in case it’s unbearable.
  3. Don’t worry about your bowels the next day – see number 2 (excuse the pun).

I’ve thought about flavours. What flavours do I like? I want something for my last meal that I can savour. Dishes that make me smile when I think about them. I’ve had kidney stones in the past so I aim to eat a ‘low oxalate’ diet. I’ve not worried about that here (although, thinking about it now, I’ve picked low oxalate foods). If I die at dawn, I’m not going worry about bloody kidney stones now!

My choice of starter is scallops with pea puree.

Something like this. How juicy does that scallop look?

Not sure about the foamy stuff if I’m honest. I’d probably scrape that into a tissue, but the combination of scallop and pea is heavenly.

My choice of main course is fajitas. Controversial, I’m sure.

Chicken, red peppers and onion cut into strips.

Sizzled up with lots of seasoning.

Flour tortillas, lettuce, cheese and soured cream.

In order, spooned onto the tortilla: the chicken mixture, cheese, lettuce and then a drizzle of the cream.

It’s the best order to place things for the maximum amount of tasting joy.

My choice for dessert is creme brulee.

Just look at this example of soft, velvety loveliness under a crunchy layer of hot sugar.

I enjoy tapping the top with a spoon and hearing the sugar give way. The difference in textures makes for a party in the mouth and a very content smile.

I’m just off to steal a pig.


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