Just pause it: Don’t be an organised idiot like me!

So, I was working a night shift last week and I went to the vending machine to get some apple juice. I used my debit card, put it back into my top pocket, grabbed my apple juice and sat playing silly games on my phone on my break for an hour. I then went back to the ward.

A day or two later, I was sorting out my work bag as I’m now back on days for a short while (so need to take different things in with me, such as coffee, coffee and more coffee) when I noticed that my debit card was missing. I rummaged through my purse and then my bag, I checked the washing basket, my car, under my desk, the fridge, cat bed, other cat bed, cat litter tray… you get the idea.

I could not find it anywhere.

Now, that’s not like me. I rarely lose things. In fact, I can’t remember the last thing I lost. I am pathologically organised, if that’s such a thing. I have a place for everything. I mean, everything. If it doesn’t have a place then it’s not mine. You name it, I’ve got a place for it.

But I couldn’t find that bloody card.

I went onto the banking app and for about half a second, I considered ‘pausing’ the card so that if anyone found it, it couldn’t be used until I freed it again and it could be used. Makes sense, right? I’m one of life’s cautious people. I take care. I do things ‘properly.’ Did I want to delay, even for a moment, reporting it as missing? No, I did not!

Cautious Mrs Robinson didn’t pause the card, she informed the bank that the card had been lost.

There, now that made more sense. No worries about the card being found by anyone, now.

Except that, a few hours later, I found the bloody card. It was where I left it. In the top pocket of my uniform. I hadn’t looked there.

WHY hadn’t I looked there?

It was too late, then. Several payments were due to come off my card but there was no active card. Do you know what sort of panic that puts into an organised person like me?!

Thankfully, a new card arrived this morning. And, on my last day off of three, I’ve spent six hours, YES, SIX HOURS, changing my card details on hundreds of bloody web sites, apps, insurance policies, you name it, and it comes off my bloody card.

A word of advice: PAUSE your debit card if it goes missing. Don’t be like me. Have more sense.


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