(Good) advice I’d give to my teenage self: Part 1

  • A song you listened to, over and over, in 1983, will feature heavily in your regular Spotify playlist in 2021. That’s 38 years of listening to the same song. Maybe broaden your musical tastes…?
  • In 2018, you will get kidney stones. TWICE. Drink enough water to make passing them easier. They FUCKING HURT!
  • Tell your little sister you love her. Often. She’s annoying, yes, but, when you’re a proper grown-up, you will secretly worship the ground she makes a mess on (and she doesn’t get any tidier) even if she does still call you the Ice Queen. She’s been an irritation since you were 13 months old, but you will appreciate her bonkersness more than you will ever admit <3
  • In December 2019, when you go to the Caribbean with your husband, your annoying sister and her lovely husband, make the most of every minute. When you get back, hug your nephews. Hug your parents. Hug your in-laws. 2020 is shit.
  • One day, your husband will ask you if you’re autistic. You’ll deny it, (“you think I’m WHAT?”) but in time, the results of the tests will, quite magically, make sense of your entire life. You ARE different. Own it.


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