I live in a pleasant house, in a pleasant part of town, in a pleasant corner of the UK. It’s all very pleasant and I never take it for granted. Not anymore. Writing in February 2021, if this past year has taught us anything, it’s to enjoy the things that make us feel safe.

I’m married to a wonderful man and I drive a big car. (I’m 5 foot, 3-and-a-half-and-a-bit inches, so why wouldn’t I?) When I married him, I inherited two (wonderfully caring, beautiful and funny) step-children, now grown up. One lives with us. One doesn’t. We haven’t seen that one since before Covid.

Fucking Covid.

My favourite colour is blue and I hate the smell of cheese. I have a collection of pens – they are my friends, my obsession. Take one and I’ll set the naughty kitten on you. You have been warned. (He’s enormous, and a complete menace.)

I love listening to music, walking in the hills and making lists. If in doubt, make a list. Then make another one. My favourite word is ‘purpose’, although I also like the words ‘gin’ and ‘more’.

I hate politics, arrogance and marzipan.

I have synaesthesia. I see numbers as colours (‘5’ is red) and the letters of the alphabet have personality traits (‘K’ is sporty, obviously). I also see letters as colours (‘K’ is also red). Are you following this at the back? There’ll be questions later. (Think you have it, too? You can take a test here.)

I write because I can’t not. The thought of living without creating something wordy is just not something I can imagine.

Every writing ‘episode’ is a journey; sometimes I go far, take photos and get home exhausted. Other times… well… other times I don’t get out the front door because I get distracted by somethi-

Have you seen my pen collection? 🙂

~ Robbie Robinson